Areas of Practice

Glenn H. Shore, Esq., P.C. stands ready to help you pursue justice and to recover the maximum possible amount of money for your injuries.

The following is a complete list of our areas of specialization. Click on any one of them to learn more:



Burns can be the most painful of injuries. Sensitive and expert representation is provided for burns suffered from explosions, hot water, oils, equipment/tools, and negligent care/services rendered.


Construction Accidents

The firm prides itself in providing justice for all workers injured in all types of construction site accidents. These workplace accidents typically involve falls from scaffolds, falling debris or materials, or the failure to provide adequate safety equipment. This area of practice is a specialty of the firm’s practice.


Defective Products and Drugs

Product liability cases usually result in catastrophic injuries. These cases require a high level of competence and expertise. The firm has extensive experience with defective and dangerous power tools and equipment, drill presses, and medical supplies/drugs.


Defective Sidewalks Cases

This is a main component of the firm’s practice. These cases involve bringing suits against negligent private landowners, commercial tenants, City of New York and NYCHA. There is no attorney in New York City who has represented more injured clients with substantial recoveries due to defective sidewalks than Glenn H. Shore, Esq., P.C.


Elevator Accidents

The firm has represented numerous clients injured in elevator accidents and has always achieved significant financial settlements and/or jury verdicts. We work only with elevator experts, who are widely recognized as the best in  this field.  The firm has a substantial and significant practice concentrating in elevator defects. It is also a specialty of the firm.


Lead Poisoning

Children suffering from lead poisoning caused by paint, paint chips, or lead dust  require expert representation. The firm has vast experience working with lead experts and has a track record of success.


Medical Malpractice

The firm has become highly selective in reviewing and selecting medical malpractice cases. Upon acceptance of the case, however, neither expense nor time is spared. Birth defect cases are a particular area of expertise.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide representation for drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians for “serious injuries” sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Our representation includes securing medical bill payments and lost wage reimbursement by the insurance companies.


Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

The firm has an expertise in all aspects of representing the elderly in these cases. The negligence of nursing homes includes the failure to safely supervise patients and staff, the failure to provide safe and proper care, and the failure to safely transport patients.


Slips/Trips and Falls

The firm has developed an expertise in all aspects of premises cases ranging from defective steps and elevators to collapsed ceilings, faulty fixtures, and leaks. The firm has a substantial and significant practice concentrating in both defective stairs/steps as well as elevator defects. Slip/Trip and fall cases are also a specialty of the firm’s practice.


Workplace Injuries

We secure Workers’ Compensation Benefits for our clients injured at their jobs and file actions against culpable third parties.